Making Healthy Choices At Yum Cha

Yum cha


Those morning brunches with your besties are the best! Here are some guilt free ways we encourage our clients to enjoy Yum Cha:

  • Order steamed dishes. Not the deep fried ones that have steam coming of them. Order the dumplings that are filled with vegetables and have translucent skin. 
  • Avoid anything fried in large quantities of oil: This includes crispy noodles and fried rice. Instead, choose boiled, stirfried or steamed noodles or boiled rice.
  • Order the Chinese broccoli and get in those greens. And make sure mushrooms are included in your order.
  • Portion control. Easy when sharing with all your besties.
  • Share lots of the Jasmine and Chrysanthemum tea, the tea that comes in the white porcelain pots. This tea is not only hydrating but also acts as a cleanser to aid in digestion and break down the fatty food and even lowers cholesterol!
  • Make it a really healthy day and plan to walk off the calories with your besties after your feast.
  • When in doubt add a teaspoon of Fat Burning Lemonade before or after yumcha . It’s able to grab onto stored body fat (or fat you eat), break it down into fatty acids, and sends the fatty acids to your mitochondria to metabolize the fat. Your mitochondria turn those fatty acids into energy. Win Win!

Ps we did share some of those naughty egg tarts, we cut them up and shared. After all Yum Cha is a treat !

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