• Making Healthy Choices At Yum Cha

    Making Healthy Choices At Yum Cha

      Those morning brunches with your besties are the best! Here are some guilt free ways we encourage our clients to enjoy Yum Cha: Order steamed dishes. Not the deep fried ones that have steam coming of them. Order the dumplings that are filled with vegetables and have translucent skin.  Avoid anything fried in large quantities of oil: This includes crispy noodles and fried...


    DRESSINGS are a great way add variety to your veggie salads and cleanse dishes. We love adding this powerful dressing to our Warm Winter Vegetable Salad which is steaming or roasting 1 green onion
 ,1 butternut squash (peel the pumpkin, remove its seeds, sliced in half or in sections
 then cut into small cubes), 1 carrot cut into pieces,
 1 parsnip cut into pieces
 ,1 large beet...
  • Miso Salmon Bowl (cleanse friendly)

    Miso Salmon Bowl (cleanse friendly)

    Lunch is when you want have a good meal. we really stress this when on our 6 Day Strip Jumpstart Detox program. Make a big vegetable salad with 6 ounces of salmon and cooked quinoa. Try to make the salad foundation vegetables “not just loose salad” here we add wild rocket. Use vegetables like cabbage, green beans, cucumber and red onion. You can use...
  • Cleanse Friendly Immune Boosting Raw Green Soup

    Cleanse Friendly Immune Boosting Raw Green Soup

    When on your cleanse health kick, we always suggest an all Green Day to boost immunity.  This soup is from our Cleanse program.  All the nutrients are delivered blended so it's easy to digest and tastes delicious.
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