What the Stars are Saying About Greg…

Brad Pitt, Actor
“I always know… no matter how difficult it may be to work out… I just have to show up and your energy will take over and pull it all together. We healed my shoulder and never looked back heading into Troy.”

Demi Moore, Actress
“Greg, (AKA: “Fancy Pants”) we accomplished three different body types in one calendar year, starting with Striptease and ending with GI Jane. What an accomplishment! You were there every step of the way and gave me the tools and support to do the impossible.”

P!nk, Singer
“One of the most important things I learned was to surround my self with people who support me and not sabotage me. Thank you Greg for being that light I need and always so positive and so caring. You never gave up on me… ever.”

Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor
“Greg you have to be the most motivating person I have ever met. You know how I feel about exercise, and you actually made me want to train. Unbelievable! No one else can do what you can do.”

Rachael Wise, Actress
“I just did not think it was possible to shift my body the way we did. I dreamed about it but for it to really happen is just the most amazing thing to me!”

Pierce Brosnan, Actor
“It was great how you incorporated the beach into our training and really mixed everything up. For me being in shape is for my kids more for me. It’s about longevity.”

Gwen Stefani
“I thought my Italian bootie would never go. But it did! Lots of hard work but you made it fun and my body has changed forever, Thank you!”

Tobey Maguire, Actor
“Training for Spiderman was very demanding. I remember in one week we would do Pilates, weights, boxing, basketball, core, martial arts, and yoga. Talk about variation.”

Gisele Bundchen, Model
“I loved that we could do things that I enjoyed. That you made the program about me. From the volleyball to kick boxing, roller blading to weights. I knew it was the right program for me because you listened.”

Petra Nemcova, Model
“This is the best thing I have ever done for my body! It also was an amazing influence for my whole well-being. It gave me a new start to a much healthier life. Thank you for all your guidance my dear Greg!.”

Avril Lavigne, Singer
“Never a dull moment with you Greg… The hikes were crazy but looking back the best thing I did to clear my mind and kick my butt. Thanks!”

Ellen DeGeneres, Comedian & Talk Show Host
“I loved how you incorporated me and my partner into the training. Using each other for balance and strength was so much fun! Really inventive, really cool.

Gerard Butler, Actor
“So important for me to put the phone down and really take care of myself. You are such a facilitator which allowed me to really concentrate on ME. We accomplished so much in such a short time. Thank you Greg.”

Kkyle Pryor, Actor
“During my time playing Dr Nate Cooper on Home & Away, I had the opportunity to compete for the Men's Health Celebrity cover shoot competition. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Greg Joujon-Roche, celebrity trainer and serious motivator! Not only did Greg help get me into the best shape of my life, but with the use of his natural Fat Burning Lemonade it gave me an edge over the competition. I always found myself craving it after one of our gruelling workouts, and safe to say, we secured the cover shoot for M.H. Australia. I can't recommend Fat Burning Lemonade enough!”

Mel C, Sporty Spice, Singer- songwriter
“Gregory Joujon-Roche was my very first trainer and I owe such a lot to this man. I liked him as soon as we met. In fact, I absolutely adored him. He was the first person who helped take away from my fear of food. Carefully and gently, Greg got me to open up about my eating habits.


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