Let’s keep the positive train going, it’s National Women’s Health Week


Let’s continue to take control of your wellness and discover unique health insights. National Women’s Health Week exists to empower women to take steps to make health a priority. Here, we ask Corie Tappin, Board-certified Physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, founder and owner of SoulSpace Malibu, an expert on keeping balance.

When leaving her office we leave relaxed and often with ear seeds, little seeds on tape used in place of acupuncture needles in the ear, Here we ask what exactly ear seeds are, and how they might benefit your overall wellness practice.

So, what can ear seeds do for the body?

“So the ear is a microcosm of the whole body.” she says. “It is considered a holographic image of the whole. It’s based in the principle present in nature that every piece contains the essence of the whole. We can affect different organs and the nervous system through ear points.”

When she talks about the feel good vibes she adds “It has a profound affect on the nervous system. Often I can put just one tiny ear seed on a point called “Shenmen” and my patient will relax.“ She adds “Shenmen is known as Spirit Gate and lies in the valley of the triangular fossa.”

“When your body is in a parasympathetic state which is the processing state, the body is able to properly function. We digest food better and we are able to naturally process inflammation,  We think more clearly, we sleep better and are able to respond better to stress”

A study, published in the Clinical Journal of Pain found that, combined with exercise, ear acupuncture can help treat chronic low back pain, while another published in the journal Pain Medicine says it can be helpful in treating acute pain.

So should you give ear seeds a try? We did, they're generally safe to use, since they're noninvasive.






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