There is no greater feeling than the endorphin rush we get from moving our bodies. With that said it has been an intense few weeks and as a society we are being tested like never before. We are ALL on reset and moving our bodies is a great way to release some of the energy to help navigate and rediscover our new purpose.

The idea of staying home can be very confusing and therefore we want to encourage you to move.  Our Six Day Strip program requires just that - movement. Your body’s exercise output will help direct the nutrition to the proper place and really act as a catalyst for transformation. Reset for results, it’s only six days. The more you put into this program the more you will get out of this program.

"In every possible way, from the food prescribed, to the training, to how it makes me feel, Greg's One Body, One Life program is life changing."  - Pink

Please be gentle with yourself, move in a way that makes you feel good. You can download the Six Day Strip program from the back of the Fat Burning Lemonade package.  We recommend before you workout FUEL your performance.

"I drink a scoop of fat burning lemonade every morning when I work out. I put it in my water bottle.  And I work  out smarter and harder than ever before in less amount of time.” says Brooke Burke.

And for those who already have the Six Day Strip Program here is a New York Post article from the archive and an Ab Crunch video for you.

RESET ESSENTIALS : Fat Burning Lemonade® and a set of dumbbells or use a couple of random cans of beans or soup.

Stay Safe, Healthy and Strong, we are in this together!


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