Supplement Your Immunity - the Coronovirus


We continue to see so many new orders coming in and encourage you more than ever to keep your immune system strong and your body working for you!

A HEALTHY body with a robust immune system is the best defense against all illness including coronavirus. The coronavirus pandemic has brought fear to many of us cascading stress hormones, heart beating strong, and that itself can have a huge impact on our immune system.

It's a true test to our resilience. We are all here in our uniquely individual similar place. And we got this! Its time to seize the moment and stay healthy and positive and make your immunity a top priority.

These are our 2 ways to protect your health and the best OneBodyOneLife products for fortifying your body against infection. Firstly, remember to drink a serving of your Fat Burning Lemonade its packed with Vitamin C in-fact a whopping 1000mg per serving which is more than 5 large oranges and it tastes Amazing!! Vitamin C helps keep white blood cells healthy so that they can kill viruses, bacteria, and infected cells. In fact our white blood cells go to a lot of trouble to stock up on vitamin C. The white cells take vitamin C from the blood and concentrate it up to a hundredfold.

We also encourage you to add your daily serving of our Holistigreens Megablend   to support overall lung health and protect the lungs from inflammation and infection. This Super Food blend is packed with Probiotics to improve your gut health and enhance your immunity

Lets stay connected and keep supporting each other! So proud of all our OneBodyOneLife members who continue to be committed to health & wellness.


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