• Wow my Skin looks and feels incredible !

    Wow my Skin looks and feels incredible !

    We have had so much positive feedback from our customers doing the 6 Day Strip Program over the last few weeks and when they have completed it, one benefit that comes as a surprise to many cleansers besides less bloat and more energy is the significant improvement in the appearance of their SKIN. They see improvements in terms of fewer blemishes, but it is deeper (no pun...


    Our Six Day Strip program requires movement. Your body’s exercise output will help direct the nutrition to the proper place and really act as a catalyst for transformation. It’s only six days. The more you put into this program the more you will get out of this program. And please be gentle with yourself, move in a way that makes yoo feel good.
  • Fat Burning Lemonade Master Cleanser Recipe!

    Fat Burning Lemonade Master Cleanser Recipe!

    Once the Master Cleanse Drink is prepared drink 8 ounces of it straight away. Then refill the bottle to the top with more water. Just sip on the rest and try to finish it before lunch. If you forget to drink it before lunch then sip throughout day, 1-2 ounces at one time is good .
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