• Happy Fourth of July!

    Happy Fourth of July!

    As you know The Fourth of July is the holiday that really kicks off summer and is always surrounded by family, friends and "food"!
  • Demi Moore One Arm Push Up!

    Demi Moore One Arm Push Up!

    We have prepared many actors and actresses for roles but the physical transformation and training behind the scenes is often overshadowed. For this specific plan, Demi Moore’s routine consists of an hour of cardio with ab intervals, followed by 1-2 hours of weight training, clearly she is a badass. This is a great template to play around with and customize to fit your own needs. And get in...
  • Daily Supplements - The Best Fat Burner For Weight Loss

    Daily Supplements - The Best Fat Burner For Weight Loss

    Our Fat Burning Lemonade is in all the magazines at the moment - check out this week's "Who's got the best bikini body?" There is a nice mention from PINK about our Fat Burning Lemonade and our 6 Day Cleanse - great product and a easy program that is getting everyone slim for summer - IN TOUCH MAGAZINE As some of the article reads "Like many of...
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