Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July everybody!

As you know The Fourth of July is the holiday that really kicks off summer and is always surrounded by family, friends and "food"! The ritual of a family get together and food goes back even before 1776.  This ritual was established because back in the day families worked for food and basic survival. So coming together and sharing a meal was the ultimate communion. Well today most of us are blessed to have our basics covered.  So I throw out to you a different form of family get together.

Create a ritual of activity with your family. Create an annual bike ride. Create a Fourth of July hike or a softball game.  Something even extreme as a family river trip, a  rock climbing adventure or my favorite, a family surf trip or annual ocean paddle. I have these huge soft top long boards that are 12 feet long!  Every year I try to get as many family and friends to do a paddle to the pier and back where I live.  It's a long paddle and takes a couple hours. Some paddle ocean kayaks and load them up with family.

The comradery that comes from this is incredible.  The bonding of a family "work out" goes far beyond breaking bread.  I have had families from different areas bike from where they lived to a neutral camping spot. Some families rode seven days.  Once there, the shared experiences and stories of everyone's journeys are moments that last a life time and exceed far beyond a nice meal shared together. Anyway, just food for thought. Gosh, where did that expression come from?  Maybe we should say, just fun for thought? Anyway, enjoy your fourth and enjoy your time with family and friends.  If you have some cool family adventures of your own share them with us. All the best in health.

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