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Our Fat Burning Lemonade is in all the magazines at the moment - check out this week's "Who's got the best bikini body?" There is a nice mention from PINK about our Fat Burning Lemonade and our 6 Day Cleanse - great product and a easy program that is getting everyone slim for summer - IN TOUCH MAGAZINE

As some of the article reads "Like many of us, Pink relies on that first cup of coffee to get her up and moving in the morning. But she's also a fan of superfood shakes that can help boost energy and increase metabolism. Her trainer, Gregory Joujon-Roche, recommends a smoothie filled with coconut water, avocado, blueberries, and flaxseed oil".

"She starts her day with coffee — and a superfood smoothie".

We are so happy you are all losing weight and that our products together with our program ACTUALLY WORK!!!  

But, we really want to start sharing our brand NEW SUPPLEMENTS with you. Finally, they are ready and they ROCK!  Created with Holistic Dr's, go check them out and learn from them as we have. This is how we stay healthy: through innovative ideas and shared information.

We will highlight and discuss all our products for you in future posts, but today we are here to share our Best Seller the Fat Burning Lemonade.

Fat Burning Lemonade is a delicious way to start your day. Keep it simple and mix 1 scoop with 8 oz of water, tea, sparkling water or your favorite smoothie. Don’t be afraid to DOUBLE SCOOP and adapt usage to fit your lifestyle needs.

How does it give you energy and burn fat?

The Fat Burning Lemonade® formula draws its function from a combination of ingredients to aid in FAT LOSS. The active ingredients help accelerate your metabolic rate and use FAT FOR FUEL. This supplement is an amino acid derivative used to help fat enter the mitochondria. Without the adequate amino acids found in Fat Burning Lemonade , fat cannot be used as a fuel source in the body. 

We really notice the difference in our ENERGY and ENDURANCE whenever we take it before working out against not having any.Fat Burning Lemonade® is nicknamed the “fat flusher” or “ferry” because it is able to move long-chain fatty acids from the blood into the mitochondria to be burned and used as ENERGY.

This is mainly the reason we feel extra strong and last longer when we work out drinking the Fat Burning Lemonade®


 Read "The View", Rosie O'Donnell once mentioned that she dreams of having a body like Pink's

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