Wow my Skin looks and feels incredible !

We have had so much positive feedback from our customers doing the 6 Day Strip Program over the last few weeks and when they have completed it, one benefit that comes as a surprise to many cleansers besides less bloat and more energy is the significant improvement in the appearance of their SKIN. They see improvements in terms of fewer blemishes, but it is deeper (no pun intended) than that - their skin seems brighter, clearer, more vibrant, younger, less ashy, less dry and flaky, less puffy, their pores are smaller, the lines on their face seem less severe or deep.  The improvement is often most noticeable - especially the reduction in puffiness and dark circles - around their eyes.

WE checked in with Dr. Rober Abbatiello, L.Ac ND, and Dr Ashley Beckman, and their responses were

  • "The skin becomes clearer and more hydrated during the 6 Day Strip Jumpstart Weight loss Program because the body is able to rid itself of toxins.
  • The skin is an organ of elimination. When your body is overburdened with toxins it uses the skin as a dumping ground.
  • When the liver can't handle the toxic load it sends the extra to the lymph when the lymph becomes overburdened the lungs and skin take a more active role in elimination.
  • Bad skin, bad breath, toxic body.
  • By reversing this trend and elimination toxins the skin clears up."

Dr. Abbatiello went on to say "The skin is generally either first or last to clear-up, so if your skin doesn't clear up don't think that you're not cleansing, it is a process. Mostly though people doing the 6 Day Strip Jumpstart Program together with the Fat Burning Lemonade and our sugar free collagen plus generally have a fantastic GLOW about them" Remember 1, 2 AND 3...


Hydrate! Drink half your weight – in ounces – each day!


The best time to exercise on this program is in the morning. More specifically... after your morning Fat Burning Lemonade®, in hand to sip on during your exercise or hike. This way you will stay hydrated and energized while burning fat!

Breakthrough Moment. Dinner is when the calories need to be “easy calories.” For most of us, dinner is when we lose a bit of focus in terms of calorie intake and the types of food we eat. The problem is this is also the time when your body stores the most fat. We cannot let our focus slip because this is the moment when the weight loss will dramatically shift. This is called a BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT.

Health + Light !






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