The First 30 Days, what can people expect to face in the first month?

A little snippet and insight from Gregory Joujon-Roche, 2007 - such an inspirational guide!  

Q: What can people expect to face in the first month? 


Week One : You're full of optimism, new information, new feelings in your body, and you're using new muscles, following a new eating regimen. You're starting to see some results. Life hasn't taken over your schedule yet - you've postposed parties, business dinners, and other commitments.

Week Two : You're doing...okay. Clothes fit a bit better already, but the nutrition aspect is hard to maintain because social obligations creep in.

Week Three : Expect a plateau - you won't likely be dropping pounds now.  You might start feeling negative, but this is the time to keep your head down and show up. Focus on how you feel, not numbers, at this stage.

Week four : This is when you reevaluate your regimen. Ask yourself, What can I do better? What can I do differently?

Now increase the challenge!  

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