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HIGHLIGHTING : Josh Wingate an Artist and amazing Zen Master! 

Josh has an incredible blend of Martial Arts, Yoga, and Strength.  He takes our clients to the limit and beyond.

Nathan Fillion workouts

Every session we do with a client is journaled and shared, so the whole team on that particular client and project stays connected and documented.  Here is an example of the mind set going into a session with Nathan Fillion as we (our team and Nathan) did a complete transformation of him for his character on the season of ABC's Desperate House Wives.

This is a very advanced session, where Josh actually uses an aerobic exercise to bring Nathan's heart rate down, not up.  Super cool, and way "out of the box" training!  I would expect nothing less.

You might want to try this, or adapt the principles in this post to your own current routine. 

Here is an actual journal entry for you - check it out!

OK so what I did w/ Nathan was instead of having him calm his Heart Rate down with rest, I put him on the cables and had him do some chest flies which slowed his HR down when done at a controlled pace.  Then, we went in to some more anaerobic exercises which continued to bring him down further.  We moved into a series of flexion holds and triceps work till his heart dropped in to the 120's.
Then, we were ready to pump it up again with some rounds on the pads and continuously burn calories!!  Cable cool downs done at a moderate pace with heavy weight. 
His Heart Rate averaged 128 BPM and we burned 1150 calories in 86 minutes while actually training his chest for size!!
Crazy stuff; we were on a whole different plane today, my brother!
We ended the session with an immediate shot of Fat Burning Lemonade in water and half an apple.
Look @ our boy transform; just incredible stuff.  The whole team is so dialed in, feels good!!
More to come, 

There you go, maybe next time you are at the gym do a cardio activity to get your heart up,  then interval with slow reps, with resistance, to bring your heart rate down and repeat.

Cool stuff!  More expert insight to come in future posts.

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