The Ultimate Butt Blaster Series: Exercise #2

On to the second exercise of the Butt Blasting Series #2

Dumbbell Step Ups This exercise is a bit more anaerobic in nature and requires major focus.


With a medium weight dumbbell in each hand, say 10 lbs, put your right foot flat up on a bench or box.  Roll your shoulders back and engage your upper back, not neck, to hold the dumbbells. Now, with stomach tight, slowly stand up engaging the right butt and entire right foot. 

Don't push up from your toes or knees. Stand all the way and squeeze your butt at the top of the rep by pointing your opposite toe - but don't lock out your right knee. Now, slowly come down, counting 5 seconds or even 10 seconds, back to your starting position and repeat the same sequence with the same leg for 15 reps.

This should burn like crazy! If it doesn't, you’re not going slowly enough; you’re bouncing.  So, maybe lower the weight of the dumbbells or lower the height of the bench or box with a step.  If it truly gets too tough, you can spot yourself by bouncing just a little bit off the bottom, but never forget to squeeze at the top of the rep and keep that foot flat the whole time.

Do 15 reps each leg but don't interchange your leg. You should do 15 reps on one leg and then 15 reps on the other. You want to feel this right in the dimple of your butt cheek.  You should be able to take a magic marker and draw a target on your dimple and that is how specific you should feel this, and it's all possible by going slow.

Key points again:

  • Roll your shoulders back and engage your upper back, not your neck, to hold the dumbbells.
  • Pace is key!
  • Use your butt, not your knees.
  • Never have your knee extend past your front toes.
  • When you get good at this add weight and add height!

Note:  You should do cardio intervals with this exercise as well. 3 to 5 sets of 15 on each leg and stay tuned for the third and final exercise in the series!


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