The Ultimate Butt Blaster Series: Exercise #1

Hi everyone!   

I always get questions on how to slim and trim the butt.  I also get questions on how to shape the butt - give it a lift.  So I am going to address all these questions in a series I created for you called "The Ultimate Butt Blaster Series". 

These three exercises will shrink, tone, and shape your butt like never before!  I will create a separate post for each exercise in the series and will post them one at a time for you - 

Note: This is not an easy routine.  These are advanced exercises that require coordination and a pretty good starting level of fitness.


Exercise #1: Rocket Jump Squat

Loosely straddle three stacked steps, a box, or low bench with your feet flat on the floor, but toes slightly pointed out so that your inner thigh is engaged.  Slowly lower into a squat position leading with your butt, keeping your chin straight, and toes behind your knees until you almost touch the step, box, or bench with your butt. Next, make sure your abs are engaged and leap into the air, landing on top of the step, box, or bench with your feet together.  Try to land gracefully, softly, and quietly like a cat. 

This will instantly incorporate and recruit all the right muscles. Now, slowly lower down into a squat position and then slowly come up, but in the last 10% of your up motion, jump off the step and jump down, making sure to control your landing and catch your fall like a cat - again, landing with your butt and not your knees.  You should be in the same stance as your starting position.

Repeat this 15 times and do between 3 and five sets. Interval Training In between each set, jump on a piece of cardio equipment, like a treadmill, and run for two minutes. Run hard - almost a sprint. Or, walk on the highest incline possible and really open up your stride as much as possible. 

"You should switch between the two cardio exercises with each interval. This is not easy; take your time and think like an athlete.  Stay focused and in your body".

OK, on to the next exercise!  More to come!

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