Find Your Flow

What is your flow? It is the place where time seems to slow down and everything falls in to place, it is *“completely focused motivation and characterized by complete absorption in what one is doing.” As a surfer, I feel it when I’m on the water. It is a place where the mind-body connection is one.

How do you tap in to your flow?

I have been teaching this secret to all my clients for over 15 years. The secret is the synergy of change you create when you connect all the elements of fitness together. These elements are the body, mind, spirit, energy, and nutrition. You must begin empowering your body to succeed by challenging your mind to be honest, positive and committed to your result.

Here is an incredible and simple exercise that will open up a new perspective and energy for your training. With a new perspective come new results and this exercise practiced before workouts, eating or anytime throughout the day, will act as the catalyst for your success.

So here is what you do…

First of all begin to clear your mind. Put your cell phone on silent (not so simple for MANY of us- but time un-connected is important), turn the music or TV off, and be in a place where you can concentrate with no interruptions. No judgments here simply play along and commit to the exercise. Close your eyes and take five deep breaths through your nose and out your mouth. Each breath is deeper than the first. Take your time with this and please commit. Building the mind/body connection will be the reason why you succeed in your quest for a life of wellness. By the fifth breath you should be settling down, feeling more centered and calm…finding your flow.

Now in this state, while keeping your eyes closed and breathing deep, I want you to visualize where you want to be with your body. Really fantasize and see your self in your new shape. Ladies, what do you like in that bikini? Guys, what size are those perfect jeans and t-shirt? Whatever it may be, this is your chance to see it and begin to find the path to achieving your goal…so go for it and have fun with it!
Take your time to drench yourself in that feeling that comes from looking good and feeling good. Let the feeling of joy and self-empowerment take over and convince yourself you will not settle for anything less -ever again. This is the feeling, the energy; I want you to bring in to each workout and every meal. Your positive energy will circulate on a cellular level every time you workout.

Your flow is boundless energy you can tap into at any given time under any circumstance if you commit to it. The ability to tap in to it will transform your life!

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