Lemon water sparks your metabolism, assists with digestion, and balances your pH.

lemon helps boost metabolism

Lemon (Citrusis a common citrus fruit, alongside grapefruits, limes, and oranges ).

We love to talk about lemon water, especially the benefits of adding a serving of our Fat Burning Lemonade®. but the benefits of the lemon peel is often ignored—which is a shame because they are full of benefits just like the rest of the fruit. Did you know lemon peel contains flavonoids and vitamin C, which may stimulate your body’s immune system to protect your health. Additionally, it boasts small amounts of calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Celebrities swear by beauty hacks and products and it's a pretty safe bet that lemon water is a staple in their wellness and beauty routine.



"Lemon water sparks your metabolism, assists with digestion, and balances your pH"


Even though this drink sounds so basic—water with a slice of lemon in it—is Transformational for your Metabolism. Lemon water not only sparks your metabolism, but assists with digestion, as well as balances your pH. It's no wonder why everyone loves it.

The other beauty hack is to use it as a body scrub or face mask :  

  • Body scrub. Mix sugar, olive oil, and finely chopped lemon peel, then massage onto wet skin. Make sure to rinse well once you’re done.
  • Face mask. Mix rice flour, lemon peel powder, and cold milk for an exfoliating and skin-cleansing mask.

Putting a slice of Lemon in your water or turning it into a face mask is for sure the easiest way to feel like a wellness rockstar!


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