This holiday weekend, for many Americans burgers and hot dogs will be the way including multiple rounds of drinks, but so is health and wellness. So raise your tongs and find the balance with our reset essentials and this yummy mocktail.

Note: we lIke to make our mocktail extra sweet with Sunkist Meyer lemons. Did you know? The Meyer lemon is actually a cross between a lemon and an orange or mandarin. Because of their sweeter taste and lower acidity, Meyer Lemons are especially fabulous in homemade lemonade (all while requiring less sugar!).

Another health tip, try snacking on the blueberries instead of the chips over this long weekend and into summer. Blueberries help combat inflammation with their high antioxidant levels. According to a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition) berries are one of the staples of the Nordic diet, which lowered the activity levels of inflammatory genes found in fat tissue,




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