Demi Moore's strict diet and fitness regimen as she shows off and flaunts her fab figure in a bikini snap

Sizzling at 60! As Demi Moore flaunts her fab figure in a bikini snap, FEMAIL lays bare her roller coaster health routine - revealing how she QUIT workouts for four years after punishing her body for decades... before finally achieving the perfect regimen

Sizzling at 60! As Demi Moore flaunts her fab figure in a bikini snap

The summertime weather is just around the corner, which means swimsuit season is about to be in full-swing, and no one rocks a bikini quite like Demi Moore, 60 with her effortless bikini snaps shared to Instagram which left many wondering how she has achieved such an enviable physique. Is it possible at age 60 to have the same metabolism you did as a teenager?

Daily Mail UK shares:
By her 40s, Demi decided to slow down a little but still maintained an active lifestyle

In her 40s, the on-screen star decided it was time to start slowing down and turned her attention to more low-impact workouts while still maintaining an active lifestyle.

Demi revealed in 2010 that she had taken up Bikram yoga which has been proven to 'improve lower body strength, lower and upper body range of motion, and balance in healthy adults,' according to the National Library of Medicine.

Her then trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche confirmed to InStyle at the time that the star had fully committed to the workout and had also added a mixture of strength training.

But, not content with simply taking part, it was confirmed a few years later that Demi had actually become a verified Kundalini yoga teacher herself - with the discipline focusing on raising individual consciousness through breathing techniques and physical poses.

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