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Detox Cellular Drink Mix : for Energy, High Performance, Weight Loss, Recovery and Immune Support (without caffeine)


Controlling your insulin is the answer to maintaining your weight or losing weight. Burn up stored fat for energy with our Fat Burning Lemonade

Celebrity Endorsement

“I do this every day, I take a scoop and put it in my water and some days two scoops it’s loaded with good stuff gives me crazy energy!”

– Brooke Burke TV host, fitness guru,
podcaster, author
CEO, Brooke Burke Body

“I love the Fat Burning Lemonade! It is in my Cruise Control Diet Book as Cruise Control Approved. It fits in my full 24 hour fasting window. It gives me energy all day and is a great Fat Blaster!”

– Jorge Cruise
Celebrity Trainer, Health Expert
#1 New York Times International Bestselling Author

“You have got to try Greg’s Fat Burning Lemonade. I have been in practice and have seen Greg in action with his clients for over 15 years. This stuff is the real deal. The transformations I see are remarkable. Just excited that Greg finally took it from behind the scenes so we can all benefit.”

– Dr. Stephen Jochen Jochen
Chiropractic and Wellness Center,
Beverly Hills

Doctors & Experts

The best doctors and experts weigh in on all the juiciness.. get the skinny on the blog

"I believe that we all have the power to transform our health and change the course of our lives"

– Dr Ashley Beckman
Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Functional Medicine Practitioner
#Expert on Cellular Detox and Epigenetics

“I am on a mission to show people healthy living without deprivation!”

– Bianca Peyvan
Registered Dietician and Natural Food Chef
#Expert on Functional Medicine and Intermittent Fasting


“I needed a kick-start and I wanted results instantly. I began the 6 Day Strip Program and was instantly hooked. This is absolutely the BEST product! I love the fat burning lemonade. I have lost 15 pounds by simply drinking my fat burning lemonade and eating a little healthier! I have gotten a few of my friends and family members drinking it too! This is by far the best product on the market ( I have tried numerous over the years because I have always felt slightly over weight). I am 5’2 and when I first started with the FBL 6 Day Strip Program I weighed 141 pounds today, I weigh 126! I still would like to lose a few more pounds, but I have never felt so light and healthy in my life! “

– Brittany Stedwel

“Literally OBSESSED with my Fat Burning Lemonade. I use it all day in my water bottle. I use it to make hot tea as well. It also works great in your green juice! I have not gotten sick once since I’ve used and my husband either. He fly’s constantly and takes it traveling for energy and immune support. Godsend!!”

– Mychelle Strouhal

“My husband I have been using Fat Burning Lemonade over the past 10 years,. This is our go to product for weight loss and for maintenance. It’s an all natural product that doesn’t leave you feeling jittery and tastes good! We have our two scoops first thing in the morning and also before workouts to boost our energy. We love this product and highly recommend it!”

– Jamie Crosby


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