It's All About Commitment!

Yes, this is my belly.  And no, I did not get it by doing 8 minutes abs!

I keep getting these e-mails about seeing in the media how the perfect body requires little effort and no time.  With my schedule, I still find 30 minutes, four days a week dedicated just specifically to stomach work.  And that's just the abs!  Finding time for the rest of the body and cardio is a schedule battle everyday for me. Like yesterday.  I just could not train the entire day, from start to finish.  So I am lying in bed still thinking about not finding that time.  I let it go and fall asleep.  But even though I did not train I was still thinking about it; I was still connected to my body.

Hey, life happens, I get it - but stay connected on any level possible.  You'll find when you're not connected and you miss one workout, one turns into two, then three, and you just start slipping.  I know I preach this a lot but I do because it is important.

If you want a good body, then fitness has to be a lifestyle; something that is a part of you day-in and day-out.  You'll find when we get older this connection is vital!  As we know, gravity kicks in after 35 and snapping back in shape gets harder and harder.  But on the opposite side, we are also wiser and know our bodies and how we can be more efficient with our training and nutrition. Point is, we need to keep it real.  When we have a certain expectation of ourselves of how we should look and feel, then we need put in the time and be real with what's required to meet those expectations. 

Basically, my job is to help facilitate that.  I do my best to provide insight, tips, programs, compassion, education, and motivation.  It's a lot of work but it helps keep me connected and motivated. You all are the biggest workout partner I could ask for.  Yes, I train for myself but I also train because I represent what I do for a living.  I actually feel a responsibility to stay in shape, so thank you! There are so many trainers out there that study the books, get certified, become personal trainers, and don't have a clue of what they are doing. 

Then they come to me; out of shape, no perspective, and want a job because I train movie stars.  They just don't get it!  The reason why I do train movie stars is because it's more creative to get someone in specific character shape than to just to get in shape.  It gives me fulfillment. But the star thing never got to me.  I tell you this; a celebrity can feel it in a second if you have any agenda or as I like to call it "star stalker potential". Anyway, I am getting off point.  Sorry!  You get out what you put in, bottom line.  Training hard will benefit you in ways beyond a good body.  I promise to keep giving tips, insights, and make your health experience as result efficient as possible.  But help me too; keep it real with the understanding that after all the bells and whistles it's still about working out and breaking a sweat.  I won't be writing a book on "5 minutes to a great body".  Nice title, though.  Trust me, it feels so good to be strong, healthy, and connected to your body. 

But it's a process that takes commitment and effort for life; not 5 minutes. All the Best in Health!

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