• S'more for Summer

    S'more for Summer

      A good healthy Independence Day treat to put on the menu or throw in your bag to take to your friends and family. We're ready, especially if its for s'mores and a bonfire, Be the friend with the healthy twist for a  well-prepared Fourth celebration! Swapping out the traditional chocolate for this one of a kind dark chocolate that is dairy-free, vegan, and...
  • Tips For Making Acai Bowls That Won”t Make You Gain Weight.

    Tips For Making Acai Bowls That Won”t Make You Gain Weight.

    This Acai (ah-sigh-EE) Bowl recipe from our sister company Real Raw Live  has only five ingredients and is so delicious! We started making the açaí bowl in our Hollywood juice bar 15 years ago, Although açaí is popular all over Brazil, in the 1970s it first started to appear in Rio de Janeiro, after multiple martial artist began using it for training diets. Acai berries themselves are...
  • Sweet Tooth?

    Sweet Tooth?

      Halloween is here and despite your best intentions, I know you'll be caught with your hand in the candy jar! Good news is, we can get you back on track in just 6 days...Wait, what? The Fat Burning Lemonade® Six Day Strip™ is a weight loss and healthy lifestyle JUMP-START PROGRAM. It has been designed to get quick results, and also prepare your mind...


    This cold weather has us craving our famous creamy dairy-free hot cacao a recipe our sister company Real Raw Live has always done so well. The secret is to combine cacao and agave and make a chocolate syrup. Combined with fresh almond or oat mylk, it makes for a killer chocolate mylk . We combine it with maca root from peru and also make it into a super shot we named "macacoa"...
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