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How do you see yourself in 6 weeks?

Let’s begin at the end. At the end of the next six weeks, how do you see yourself? Take a moment, and visualize it.

Here’s what I think you see:

A slimmer and healthier you, with tighter muscles, a flatter stomach, a greater glow of energy, and a feeling of empowerment. I think you see an image of change.

About One Body, One Life®

The only possible way to achieve this degree of body transformation in such a short time is with an all- encompassing, full-scale program. The main reason my One Body, One Life® program creates such fast and lasting results is because it is so comprehensive and yet so accessible. It addresses all four of the most fundamental elements of fitness and health.

  • The Mind and Spirit: The only masters of the body.
  • Power Food: The food that builds the body, without burdening it.
  • Cleansing: The procedures that get rid of energy-destroying toxins.
  • Exercise: The action that burns fat and builds muscle.

Each of the Four Elements of Fitness is addressed almost every day during your 6-week program. Each reinforces the others. The combined synergistic power of all four, put together, is overwhelming, transformation, and life changing.

Over the past decade, I’ve been teaching my One Body, One Life® program everywhere from India, to London, to Los Angeles, to Australia. I have trained a Sultan, a Knight, a Prince, rock stars, movie stars, athletes – and everyone in between, including people like you. I’ll share all this with you. In just six weeks, you’ll learn:

  • Why fitness is harder for women – and what they can do about it.
  • How common household yeast can puff your stomach, and make even a well-toned abdomen look bloated.
  • How staying full can make you slim.
How food reactions can make you fat.
  • How to be slim for the rest of your life without dieting.
  • Why spot reducing is a media myth.
  • How to find time to exercise, even when you have no time.

And that’s just the beginning.

There’s never been a book like this.
 Never been a program like this. 
If you stick with it, you will succeed.
 Change your body – and your life Starting now!

New York Post


“False fat is the 5 to 10 extra pounds of water weight, generally accompanied by abdominal bloating from gas, that comes from eating food that cause food reactions,” he writes. “False fat isn’t really fat, or adipose tissue, but it looks like fat, feels like fat, and can last forever if you don’t do something about it.”

Read New York Post The fitness guru is Hollywood’s body-building baron.

Celebrity Testimonials

“Greg’s extensive knowledge has been invaluable in helping me achieve my fitness goals.” — Tobey Maguire, Actor

“Greg taught me the power of wellness inside and out.” — Micheal C. Hall of “Dexter,” Actor

“Holistic Fitness™ provides me the opportunity to check back in to the things that really matter: mind, spirit and body– with these in tact, I am ready for anything.” — Demi Moore, Actress, Mom

“In every possible way, from the food prescribed, to the training, to how it makes me feel, Greg’s program is life changing.” — Pink, Singer, Mom

“Greg , You kick my bottie in the best way. Leaving me with the knowledge and awareness of my abilities. I love the way we train and I love the way we laugh. Your balance of intensity and compassion is one of a kind. Thank you for being there for me.” — Gisele, Model, Mom

This is the best thing I have ever done for my body! It had amazing influence on my whole well-being. It also gives me a new start to a much healthier life. Thank you for all your guidance my dear Greg. – Petra Nemcova , Model , Author, Activist

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One Body, One Life® (E-book)
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