The Essentials plus eBook


We're so excited your and like thousands before you here is a big congratulations on taking the leap to invest in your health and completely reset your body and mind.


On this program, we’ll focus on the power of food, fitness, and flow.

Your body knows exactly what to do with the nutrients and vitamins you give it, so now it’s just a matter of giving your body exactly what it needs and learning what works best.

If you do the work and follow the steps in this program, you’ll find yourself in a higher state of vitality and overall well-being.

Over the course of six days, the program highlights the following:

  • Food: The food that builds the body without burdening it.
  • Fitness: The action that burns fat and muscle.
  • Flow: Moving out the toxins and negative thoughts that weigh us down, take up energy, and keep us from feeling and looking our best.

This program is designed to be the catalyst to the health body and life that you’re striving for. Not only will it teach you how to find and eat the nutrients your body needs, but we’re also bringing you back to basics.

Your program materials include your 6-Day Strip Guide (61 pages), which you should read thoroughly this weekend and then flip through as needed throughout the next week. Also the Essentials are included in this program.

This is where ALL the information can be found; if it makes your life easier, print it out and keep it handy. 

Stay tuned — you’ll receive emails from us, starting next week, to begin the 6-Day Strip.

Why next week? So you can properly prep, cut back certain foods prior to starting. Included in this program is our famous Fat Burning Lemonade .

You have One Body and One Life...let’s make it the best one ever.

To your success!

GUARANTEED PURE: Our products contain no Sugar, Starch, Preservatives, Binders, Extenders, Chemical Additives.

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The Essentials plus eBook
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