Introducing ...MEET OUR NEW BFF's "The Six Essentials Kit"

The Six Essentials Kit 

The Six Essentials that started it all - created for our entertainment clients and made public 2006 with the launch of our New York best selling book One Body One Life has had an update by our founder Irma Joujon-Roche.

"There’s a reason why our new arrivals are met with so much fanfare. Our supplements are blended in a way so all the supplements work synergetically together compounding net positive effect for immediate long term health. This way when you use them, you will get maximum benefit".

We always recommend other lifestyle factors, such as controlling stress, good nutrition and getting enough activity to support a healthy body mind spirit.

Meet our new BFF's .....


The Six Essential Kit contains
NO Sugar, Starch, Preservatives, Binders, Extenders,
Chemical Additives or Flavors.
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