Share some facts, have a voice on the matter, together we can make WAVES OF POSITIVE CHANGE!  

DID YOU KNOW... . . 💧in the last decade we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the last century / history of the universe.. . 💧8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean each year which is 90% of all waste in the sea.. . 💧    

an increasing 800 marine species are faced with extinction due to the threat of entanglement, pollution and ingestion.. . 💧We could wrap the earth in a thin layer of cling wrap 4 times over with the amount of plastic thrown away each year!. . 💧virtually all plastic ever produced is still in existence and will take another 1,000+ years to ‘dissolve’ aka become microplastics.. . 💧50% of all plastic is used only once.. . 💧the average life span of a single plastic item is under 11 minutes.. . 💧every minute 1 million disposable cups with a plastic lid are used.. . 💧5OO+ billion plastic bags are tossed away annually..  

The problem is real and we’re all contributing, so let’s take some responsibility and make a conscious effort to USE LESS PLASTIC where ever possible and support businesses doing the right thing to educate and inspire those who need to catch up. . Simply minimize the use of plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic cups and start using reusable water bottles and bring your own shopping bag when buying groceries..  Its up to us so let's work together to restore the health of our beautiful oceans. Protect our largest ecosystem on Earth! Photo taken at Tides Reach Resort(Taveuni) Fiji.  

One Body One Life®

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