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One Body One Life ®

Guilt Triggers ‘I will give up Guilt” the first 30 days!

    Guilt Triggers and how you can find your way into what this moment is offering up to you right NOW – from the lovely Gregory Joujon-Roche himself 2007. O’s Guide to Life, The Best of O, The Oprah Magazine (Wisdom, Wit, advice, Interviews and Inspiration) The First 30 days, “I will give up guilt” by Gregory Joujon-Roche, 2007.   Q: What do people do wrong when they start a new fitness regimen? Answer: JOUJON-ROCHE: They overeat, undercut, eat late, skip meals, don’t drink enough water. Those are big ones, people also carry a lot of guilt. Nothing is worse than eating a bad carb and then feeling guilty about it. If you are going to have the cake, have it with both hands – go in there, roll around in it love that cake. I can’t tell you how many people will drag that cake issue so it ruins their next day. If you fall off the wagon, let is pass. Don’t let is sabotage your success! Learn about Fat Burning Lemonade® here.  ... read more

Fat Burning Lemonade® Post Workout Jello Treats

Fat Burning Lemonade® Post Workout Jello   Love these much deserved post workout Jello treats!  After a workout your body needs the proper fuels to help muscles recover and repair.  Expect less muscle soreness and faster recovery when boosting your Jello treats with Fat Burning Lemonade® Combined with Gelatin this recipe makes for a gut-friendly immune boosting Jello treat. This is what I call Jello with benefits. No need to blend, just pour, stir and chill! Tip : Keep it simple and use ice cube trays for chill your yummy post workout treats! And make sure you stay well-hydrated before, during and after workouts!!   1/2 cup good quality unflavored gelatin 3 1/2 cups water 1 1/2 cups organic or freshly juiced fruit juice of choice (grape, pineapple, orange or a mix of orange and pineapple) 1/4 cup lemon juice 4 scoops Fat Burning Lemonade®   Gluten free, grain free, dairy free, paleo-friendly and naturally sweetened. #postworkout #treatyoself #musclerecovery #natural #guthealth #digestion #supplements #glutenfree #grainfree #paleofriendly #naturallysweetened #bonestrength #jointhealth #weightloss #antiageing #brookburkebody #10daychallenge #bbnyny18 #getmyfitnessapp Buy Fat Burning Lemonade® here.... read more




  • The First 30 Days, what can people expect to face in the first month?
    The First 30 Days, what can people expect to face in the first month?

    A little snippet and insight from Gregory Joujon-Roche, 2007 – such an inspirational guide!   Q: What can people expect to face in the first month?   GREGORY JOUJON-ROCHE, 2007: Week One : You’re full of optimism, new information, new feelings in your body, and you’re using new muscles, following a new eating regimen. You’re starting to see some results. Life hasn’t taken over your schedule yet – you’ve postposed parties, business dinners, and other commitments. Week Two : You’re doing…okay. Clothes fit a bit better already, but the nutrition aspect is hard to maintain because social obligations creep in. Read more →

  • Fat Burning Lemonade® the new hangover cure!!
    Fat Burning Lemonade® the new hangover cure!!

     Fat Burning Lemonade® the new hangover cure!!   A great hangover cure Fat Burning Lemonade®.  The main ingredient is L-Carnitine, great for liver detoxification. L-Carnitine is essential because several toxic compounds, which appear due to the breakdown of alcohol, will be linked to the carnitine molecule. Carnitine is also involved in fat burning and muscle regeneration after physical stress. After alcohol consumption or physical activity an additional intake of carnitine is therefore a must!! Try our Fat Burning Lemonade® here.   #hangovercure #staybalanced #keepgoing #happy #thoughts #noexcuses #motivation #dedication #beforeandafter #onebodyonelife #lifeisajourney #weightlossjourney #secret #lifehacks #onescoop #fatburning #lemonade #firstthing #morningritual #3months #90days #burnbabyburn Read more →

  • Fat Burning Lemonade® and Master Cleanser

    Here is Greg’s secret to getting that lean body – a great product (if I say so myself) to use when making the Master Cleanser. It is One Body One Life® Fat Burning Lemonade® Read more →