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The Ultimate Butt Blaster Series: Exercise #3

Here is the third exercise in Butt Blaster Series: V-lift. It is both a stretch and a strength exercise.  Here is how you do it: Stand in a V stance (a V stance: this means stand tall, abs engaged, feet pointed outward, and legs slightly wider then your shoulders so you’re making a giant V) while holding medium resistance dumbbells – try 10 lbs to start.  The dumbbells should be held with your palms facing in, the weights touching the front of your thighs. Slightly bend your knees, but keep your back straight and shoulders back.  Now, you want to bend over, but bend from the hip keeping your back completely straight.  The dumbbells that are touching your front thighs almost scrape your body, and follow exactly your toe line all the way down to the floor or as far as your able. Keeping your stomach engaged and your butt lifted, feel your hamstrings stretch all the way out and open up as you stretch towards the floor.  Once you have reached the bottom of the rep pause for a beat, for 5 to 10 seconds, and breathe – but stay tight! Now, leading with the top of your head; squeeze your butt, squeeze your stomach, and lift the dumbbells back up close to your body.  Remember, back straight, and slowly straighten up to your starting position.  At the top of the rep, softly push the dumbbells into your thigh while lifting your butt, not your heels, and squeeze for 5 seconds.  Repeat the sequence slowly for 15 reps. Quick recap of key points: Use your butt, not your... read more




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    Find Your Flow

    What is your flow? It is the place where time seems to slow down and everything falls in to place, it is *“completely focused motivation and characterized by complete absorption in what one is doing.” As a surfer, I feel it when I’m on the water. It is a place where the mind-body connection is one. How do you tap in to your flow? I have been teaching this secret to all my clients for over 15 years. The secret is the synergy of change you create when you connect all the elements of fitness together. These elements are the Read more →