Get Ripped with Bicycle Crunches Video!


  1. Hi Greg,
    Great exercise! I love the way you explain every workout.
    I am Personal trainer in London, I have been doing a lot of research on Personal Trainers and I can assure you there are not as many as you.
    I think you are one of the best ones by far. I really like your passion and enthusiasm whe you explain your exercises and I learn a lot with your book.
    I would like to start training Actors here in London, how did you start it? I know you were an actor so tha probably was very helpful. I would appreciate your advice.
    Here is my webiste
    Thanks for your help in advanced.

  2. Hi this is an amazing exercise, really does get those muscles to work, burn like hell. I do a similar exercise, but i will adopt to this as of course Greg, your the best!!.

  3. With this exercise will we able to get the apps fit?
    Monica Dyer
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