“Your body feels better when it’s clean.” -GJJR

Our relationship with food is one of the most complex relationships in our lives. We need it to survive, but in the 21st century we are inundated with prepared, packaged, and preserved “food” that is making us lethargic, overweight, and downright lazy. I hear it all the time:

“Greg, I don’t have time to eat better!”
“Greg, healthy food is so expensive!”
“It is too overwhelming.”
“But it is just so good!”

My answer – start small! Using my tips, menus, and suggestions, swap out three unhealthy choices with healthy ones. Try three new ingredients this week. Use avocado on your sandwich instead of mayo, have green tea in place of a cup of coffee or if you really want to challenge yourself, go crazy and eat a green apple at the end of the day instead of your dessert.

As you try three new things every week, you slowly move away from your unhealthy and negative relationship with food and into a place of awareness and overall wellness. The key is to be completely connected to the process so you make the best choices for your body and your life. For the greatest results, commit to the 6 Day Fat Burning Lemonade® Kick-Start: you’ll see fast results and be on your way to your best body.





  • The First 30 Days, what can people expect to face in the first month?
    The First 30 Days, what can people expect to face in the first month?

    A little snippet and insight from Gregory Joujon-Roche, 2007 – such an inspirational guide!   Q: What can people expect to face in the first month?   GREGORY JOUJON-ROCHE, 2007: Week One : You’re full of optimism, new information, new feelings in your body, and you’re using new muscles, following a new eating regimen. You’re starting to see some results. Life hasn’t taken over your schedule yet – you’ve postposed parties, business dinners, and other commitments. Week Two : You’re doing…okay. Clothes fit a bit better already, but the nutrition aspect is hard to maintain because social obligations creep in. Read more →

  • Fat Burning Lemonade® the new hangover cure!!
    Fat Burning Lemonade® the new hangover cure!!

     Fat Burning Lemonade® the new hangover cure!!   A great hangover cure Fat Burning Lemonade®.  The main ingredient is L-Carnitine, great for liver detoxification. L-Carnitine is essential because several toxic compounds, which appear due to the breakdown of alcohol, will be linked to the carnitine molecule. Carnitine is also involved in fat burning and muscle regeneration after physical stress. After alcohol consumption or physical activity an additional intake of carnitine is therefore a must!! Try our Fat Burning Lemonade® here.   #hangovercure #staybalanced #keepgoing #happy #thoughts #noexcuses #motivation #dedication #beforeandafter #onebodyonelife #lifeisajourney #weightlossjourney #secret #lifehacks #onescoop #fatburning #lemonade #firstthing #morningritual #3months #90days #burnbabyburn Read more →

  • Fat Burning Lemonade® and Master Cleanser

    Here is Greg’s secret to getting that lean body – a great product (if I say so myself) to use when making the Master Cleanser. It is One Body One Life® Fat Burning Lemonade® Read more →