The key to successfully changing eating habits and adopting a fitness lifestyle is mental commitment. Empowering people to discover the synergy of nutrition, exercise, and spirit- their “flow” is Greg’s secret recipe for success.

Flow is a maximum state of consciousness, when you feel and perform your best.
Sometimes called “being in the zone,” flow isn’t just an experience for athletes…it’s universal.

This feeling of deep connection is something everyone can tap into at any given time, in any circumstance.





  • Find Your Flow
    Find Your Flow

    What is your flow? It is the place where time seems to slow down and everything falls in to place, it is *“completely focused motivation and characterized by complete absorption in what one is doing.” As a surfer, I feel it when I’m on the water. It is a place where the mind-body connection is one. How do you tap in to your flow? I have been teaching this secret to all my clients for over 15 years. The secret is the synergy of change you create when you connect all the elements of fitness together. These elements are the Read more →