“Every BODY is a Star,” is Gregory JouJon-Roche’s belief. Getting in shape and staying in shape isn’t something that happens on the couch. Plain and simple… a body cannot change without exercise.
Not everyone has access or the ability to join a gym, Greg wants this to change. He is eager to lend his expertise these adults and children and help them on their journey to good health.

We all have One Body, One Life® – we should honor them!





  • Find Your Flow
    Find Your Flow

    What is your flow? It is the place where time seems to slow down and everything falls in to place, it is *“completely focused motivation and characterized by complete absorption in what one is doing.” As a surfer, I feel it when I’m on the water. It is a place where the mind-body connection is one. How do you tap in to your flow? I have been teaching this secret to all my clients for over 15 years. The secret is the synergy of change you create when you connect all the elements of fitness together. These elements are the Read more →